2020 Special Events

2020 Special Events

Special Online Events, Pop-Up Locations and Highlights are featured.

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Celebrated our 9th Anniversary on January 6th at Charlotte Fine Art Gallery and 1 year virtual shopping accepting all major credit cards. Thank You Customers!

St. Patrick's Day Event 2020 - 3-day sales event Mar 17-19, 2020. Thank you customers for making this a success!

Earth Day 2020 - Thank You Customers! Because of you, we are giving back to Mother Nature. A tree and wildflowers were planted because of you, our customer and the sales through Charlotte Fine Art during our 6-day 50th Anniversary Earth Day Sale!

Let's Celebrate You - Exclusive Offer to Our Customers June 15 - June 30

NEW COLLECTION: Holiday Gift Giving 125 and Under

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Pop-Up Event Planned for 2021


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