Golder than Gold

Golder than Gold

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'Golder Than Gold' - (from the Sappho Series)

Watercolor on archival paper, 22 x 30

White Mat 28 x 36, 1/2 in. gold metal frame

The Olive Tree, the most valuable possession one could have in ancient Greece, gift of Pallas Athena to the city of Athens, can live up to a thousand years or more, and can feed many generations of a family indefinitely. Itís worth is indeed greater than gold.

The nine paintings in this collection have hidden within them the following Quotes from Sappho.

These paintings represent the following theme: GREECE; ECHOES & FRAGMENTS OF SAPPHO and is subjectively many-layered; a group of very specific and detailed subjects, painted in Greece. They depict subjects of great age and character; woven into these is another layer; reflections of the lyrics of Sappho, poetess of pre-Classical Greece.

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