2021 Special Events
A Little Baggy
A Single Rose
A Spring Walk
A Walk in the Woods
A. Schwarz - Oil
About Us
Above It All
Abstract Water 4
Abstract Water 5
Abstraction, Mixed Media
Accents For Your Space
after Country Road in Winter
after Thawing Brook 2
Afternoon Island View
Afternoon Shadows
Aging Acorns
Alaska Adventure Awaits
All God's Gifts - SOLD!
All the Clouds
Along the Chobe
Amaryllis Belladonna
Amaryllis Belladonna - small
Among the Living and the Dead
Amy Schwarz - Oil / Mixed Media
Angel on Water
Angel's Trumpet
Angel's Trumpet - Small
Annie Get Your Gun

Includes Playbill
Any Way You Slice It
April 2021 - No 3
April 2021 - No 4
April 2021 - No 5
April 2021 - No. 1
April 2021 - No. 2
Aqua/White Murrini Drops
Arched Doorway - Ft Sumter
Art Instruction / Art Research
Art with Heart
Artist Cards: In Love 2
Artist Cards: Family
Artist Cards: Friendship
Artist Cards: Friendship 2
Artist Cards: In Love
Artist Cards: Inner Peace
Artist Cards: Inner Peace 2
Aspens in the Backyard
At the End of the Day
Autumn Pond
Autumn's Reward
Avario Base - Murrini Eyes and Triton
Aventurine and Chrysoprase
Averic Creek
Azaleas - RW&B
Bales in Big Sky Country 20 x 30
Ballet Dancer Fantasia - SOLD!
Barnyard Buddies
Barnyard Geometry
Basking in the Light
Beach Abstract
Beach Shells and Dendrite
Beached - SOLD!
Beauty in Brown
Bed Head
Beguiling Gray Day
Beside Quiet Waters
Between Indigo and Blue
Beyond Blue
Bicycle Built for Four
Big Bend - 10x8
Bird Lovers
Birds of a Feather I - SOLD!
Birds of a Feather II - SOLD!
Black and White Colorply
Black Beer Stein
Black Bud Vase
Black Onyx Vintage - SOLD!
Black, White and Orange Vintage
Bless This Nest
Bloomin' Garden
Blue Crab
Blue Moo
Blue Mood
Blue Note
Blue Tree
Blue/White Murrini Drops
Bluff at Glacier - 20 x 30
Bracelet Measurement Guide
Brite Heart Necklace
Bud Vase - Red Skies
Bud Vase - Sky Blue
Bud Vase - Turquoise
Bull Lake - 5x15
Burgundy Daylilies
But Me You Have Forgotten
Butterfly's Delight
Cabbage in Moonlight
Cairn - Glass Stones - SOLD!
Cairn - Stone-look Glass
Cancun Coast 2
Cancun Coast I
Caribbean Tides 2
Caribbean Welcome
Carolina Shoreline
Cat In The Park
Cercles Infinis
CFA Artists
Channel Letter 0 - MEDIUM
Channel Letter A - LARGE
Channel Letter A - MEDIUM
Channel Letter A - SMALL
Channel Letter E - MEDIUM
Channel Letter E - SMALL
Channel Letter F - LARGE
Channel Letter F - MEDIUM
Channel Letter H - MEDIUM
Channel Letter H - SMALL
Channel Letter I - MEDIUM
Channel Letter I - SMALL
Channel Letter L - MEDIUM
Channel Letter L - SMALL
Channel Letter N - MEDIUM
Channel Letter N - SMALL
Channel Letter O - SMALL
Channel Letter R - MEDIUM
Channel Letter R - XSMALL
Channel Letter T - MEDIUM
Channel Letter T - XSMALL
Channel Letters For Your Decor
Charles R. Bruce - Oil
Chase Away the Blues

Includes Playbill
Chickadee Contemplations
Chickadees Among the Dogwood
Circular Orbit
Classic Blue - SOLD!
Cloud Mirror
Cloyd's Mountain Under Yellow Sky
Coastal Dune Series 1
Coastal Dunes Series 2
Coastal Dunes Series 3
Coastal Encounters
Coastal Inlet
Coastal Retreat
Coastal Waters
Color Carnival
Colorful Azaleas
Come Sail Away
Come Sail Away - SOLD!
Comfor 'tea' ble
Commission - Access Code Required
Complexity Of A Rose
Contemplative Afternoon
Convent in Makrinitsa
Coral Reef
Cotton Picking Work
Courtyard at Ft Sumter
Creative Cocktails
Creative Process
Creek Crossing Down East
Cricket Afternoon
Crisp Afternoon Walk
Crocuses & White Oak Snow
Croft On The Hill
Dance Floor
Dancing Child - SOLD!
Dark Ivory Heart Necklace
Dark Ivory Heart with Stripe Design
Dawn Rozzo - Mixed Media
Dawn Rozzo Prints - Coming This August!
December Cornfield
Deeper Waters
Dock Reflection
Double Helix Murrini Drops
Dr Seuss
Dream Catcher
Dream Series 3
Dream Series I
Dreaming of the Green Fields
Dripping Bouquet
Dripping Roses
Dune Path
Early Morning Arrival
Early Morning Rise
Early Spring
Early Spring at River's Edge - SOLD!
Early Waves
Earrings - Celadon with Periwinkle
Earrings - Fossil Gray/Labradorite
Earrings - Hollow-built Beads
Earrings - Periwinkle with Celadon
Earth Day 2021
Ecclesia in Thira 2
Ecclesia in Thira 7
Encased Dichroic Shards Necklace
Energy of all 7 Chakras
Energy Vibrante - SOLD
Entanglement 2/100
Entanglement 8/100
Escape Plan
Escape Route
Evening Grandeur
Evening Shade
Exhibition Bill / Affiche - Charlotte, NC
Face To Face - Bunny 10 x 8
Face To Face - Bunny 16 x 12
Fall Is In The Air
Fantasy Garden 15
Fantasy Garden 25
Farm Friends - SOLD!
Farm Life Three
Field of Color
Fields Aflutter
Fields of Gold 1
Filled with Glory
Fine Art - Research Analysis
Fine Art Fusion
Fire Dance
Fire In The Sky
Firmly Rooted
First Glimmer
Fishing Boat, Samos 1
Fishing Boat, Samos 2
Flamingo Creative
Flamingo Dance
Flash of Magic
Flat Iron Canyon
Flat Iron Trail
Floral Abstraction 2
Floral Fantasy
Fluorite Bracelet
Fluorite Fiesta
Fly Over
Footed Flower Vase

Includes Playbill
Fossil Gray - Labradorite
Four Trees
Four-Legged Friends
Free Land
Ft Sumter 4 Note Pack
Funky Town
Gathering on the Point
Genderally Speaking
Gettin Out O' The Sun
Gift Certificates - Select Your Dollar Amount $40 and Over
Gift Certificates / Exclusive Access
Gift Giving $125 and Under
Girl In The Garden - Only 1 Remains
Girl Picking Flowers
Girls' Night Out
Glace Bleu
Glass Heart - Ivory & Kronos
Glass Turquoise Heart - SOLD!
Golden Marsh
Golder than Gold
Grandmother's Farm
Green Eggs and Ham
Grey Waves
Grinnell Glacier & Lake - 14x11
Grotto of Fresh Water
Guns of Fort Sumter
Gustaaf van Soestbergen - Oil
Happy Harvest
Harbor Island - SOLD!
Hay and Water
Hay Field
Heard Melodies
Heart of Jade - SOLD
Heaven and Earth
Helden Eiche
Helpful Measurement
Hidden Treasure - SOLD!
Hidden Valley
High Country Tree
High Falls Farm
Highland Cattle in Snow
Hobble Creek Stones
Home In The Valley
Honey Voiced
Hopi Indian - SOLD!
Housatonic River Eddy
Housatonic River Walk
How'd She Get Over There?
Hwy 200 - 10 x 14
I Love Onions
I Will Lift My Eyes
I'm Olive About It
In the Game
In the Park
Individual Tea Cup
Interactive Critique Session
Interactive Web Instruction
Into Desire I Shall Come
Island Hopping
Island in the Sun - 10 x 14
Island Marsh in Autumn
Island Paradise
Island Turquoise
Italian Night Out
Ivory Base Necklace - Murrini Eyes - Raku
Ivory with Triton Swirl Drops
J. Purk - Oil
Jamming at the Savoy-Only 2 Left!
Jelly Bean Green - SOLD!
Jewelry / Pottery /Sculpture
Jillian Goldberg - Acrylic/MixedMedia
Joni Purk - Oil / Mixed Media
Joni Purk Archival Prints
Juror Availability
Just Down The Road
Kenai Blues
Kingfisher - 16 x 12
Kingfisher 10 x 8
Kiss Me Kate

Includes Playbill
Kleo (Elk)
Knot Yet
Kootenai River - 16x16
Lady Cardinal
Lady Dawn
Lake Life 1
Lake Life 2
Larry Christensen - Oil / Watercolor
Late Day Light
Late Fall Sundown
Late Light and Leaves - SOLD !
Lavender Fields
Lending A Helping Hand
Let's Celebrate You!
Light Brown Notos Tops and Dots
Light on the Water
Light On Water
Lighthouse in Autumn
Lily Pad Romance
Limited Edition Bear Casserole
Linda Sacra - Jewelry / Lamp Glass
Living Coral - SOLD!
Lobby Card /Exhibition Bill / Playbill
Lobby Card/Affiche - Detroit, MI
Lobby Card/Affiche and Playbill - NYC
Looking Up
Lorie McDonnell - Jewelry
Loving Bierstadt
Lowlands - SOLD!
Magnolia at Midnight - SOLD!
Magnolia Blossom
Majesty and Beauty
Maltese Morning
March 2021 - No. 1
March 2021 - No. 10
March 2021 - No. 11
March 2021 - No. 12
March 2021 - No. 14
March 2021 - No. 3
March 2021 - No. 4
March 2021 - No. 5
March 2021 - No. 7
March 2021 - No. 8
March 2021 - No. 9
Marissa Hurtado - Digital Prints
Marsh 1 - SOLD! Giclees Available
Marsh I
Marsh Study
Marsh Sunset
Marsh Thrushes
Martha Faires - Oil / Pastel
Meadow Primaries
Mecklenburg Autumn - 2 Available
Meet Joni Purk
Meet Joni Purk
Mid-Century and Modern Paperweights
Monet's Garden - SOLD !
Montana Pottery
Monterey Road Still Life
Moon Buggy
Moonglow - SOLD!
Morning Bouquet
Morning Island Hopping
Morning LIght on East Bay
Morning Light on East Bay
Morning Sentinel
Morning Stillness
Morning Trawl Prep - Thassos
Mountain Farm - SOLD !
Multi-Turquoise Fritt
My Happy Place
Near Herber
Necklace - Avorio with Notos Eyes
Necklace - Blue Hearts
Necklace - Blues, Golds and Aquas
Necklace - Cairn
Necklace - Freeform
Necklace - Helix, Notos and Triton
Necklace - Hollow Blues
Necklace - Ivory, Silverleaf Encasing
Necklace - Turquoise Glass
Necklace- Glass Seashells
Necklace-Hollow-built Bubble Beads
Necklace-Periwinkle and Celadon
New England Garden III
New England Garden IV
New Front
New Growth
Night Fishing Boat, Samos
Northern Virginia
Not Mocking
Notos and Raku Fritt Earrings
Notos Swirls in Aqua Drops
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze Set
Ocean's Four - SOLD!
Ocracoke Night Life
October Road
Of the Muses
Off the Rack
Old Blue and White
Old Chief
Old Fishing Hole
Old Sturbridge Village
On Full Alert
On the Rack
On the Wild Side
Open 24 Hours
Orange Blossom
Orange Lake
Orange Multi Vintage
Oscar 'Buddy' Folk - Watercolor/Mixed 1927-2013
Oscar 'Self Portrait'
Oyster Pearls
Pairing Up - SOLD!
Par Avion
Parallel Universe
Parkway Three
Parkway Two
Patchwork Garden
Patience-SOLD/Accept Commissions
Peaches and Sweetgrass 1
Peaches and Sweetgrass 3
Penthouse - 14 x 10
Perfect 'Moor' ning - SOLD!
Photons at Play
Pi Day - Channel Letter - MEDIUM
Pi Day - Channel Letter - SMALL
Picture Jasper Bracelets
Picture Jasper Necklace
Piece of Paradise
Pinecones and Wildflowers
Pink Cadillac
Pink Camellia
Pink Elephant
Pink/White Murrini Drops
Planted by the Water
Plein Air Get-away
Polymer Clay Earrings
Pop Up Art Events
Pops of Color
Porcelain Ceramic Bowls
Power Play
Primal Energy
Prints / Giclees
Prints of Original Works
Privacy Policy
Private Instruction
Prize Petals
Puckett's at Leiper's Fork
Purple Haze
Purple Raku Fritt Silver Drops
Quilting Time - Only 1 Available
Rainbow Rising
Rainbow Rising Print
Red Beer Stein
Red Heart & Yellow Heart
Red Hill
Red River
Red Rocks
Red Trees
Red Window
Red, Gray & White Colorply
Red, White and Black Vintage
Red, White and Blue
Red-Winged Blackbird 8 x 8
Reflections on Lily Pond
Reflections Series 1 - SOLD!
Reiki - SOLD
Rhapsody in Blue
Rise Up Singing
River Kayaking
River's Edge
Rivers and Streams - SOLD!
Rivets I - 20x16
Road Home
Robert U. Taylor - Watercolor
Rock On - 20x30
Rocky Shoreline
Rolling In
Romantic Arrangement
Romare Bearden Exhibition Bill Locations
Romero Britto
Rouge Abstract
Rough Seas
Ruby Leaves
Ruby Leaves Set
Rural Living
Sacred Geometry
Sailor's Delight
Sand and Sky
Sandy Siepert - Watercolor 1956-2013
Sangre Heart Pendant - SOLD!
Santa Fe
Saturday Night Fever

Includes Playbill
Scouting the Shore
Sculptural Works
Sea-Saucers - SOLD!
Seagrove Pottery Phil Morgan
Seasoning Out
Self-Care Saturdays
Semi-Private Instruction
September 2020 - No. 2
Setting Moon
Shadows Across Gateway
Shadows of Rose
Shards of Rose
Shattered Heart
Sheila Grabarsky - Acrylic
Sherbet Tree
Signs of Spring
Silver Mist Jasper
Silver Mist Jasper Set
Simply Raven-ous
Sitting Inside
Small Casserole with Lid
Small Farm in the Mountains
Small Stoneware Dish
Small Stoneware Dish - Black
Snails, Heartfelt, X-Factor Triptych
Snead's Ferry
Solar Energy
Sonoma Vineyard
Sonora Sunrise
South Williamstown Barn
Spalted Persimmon Sculpture
Special Offers
Speckled Pathway
Spring And Fall
Spring Explosion
Spring Landscape
Spring's Delicate Blossoms
Spring, the Wild Side
St. Simon Beach
Stained Glass - SOLD
Steel Bender
Still Life with Leaf Bowl
Stone-look Glass Heart Necklace
Storm Over the Farm
Street Elephant
Street Music
Subscriber Specials
Suddenly Turbulent
Sugar Beet Barn
Summer Browsing 2
Sunlit Purples
Sunny Side of the Porch
Sunrise at Lenong
Sunset Display
Swan 12 x 16
Swan 8 x 10
Sweet Home
Symbols of the Season
Take Time
Tall Mug
Tea Pot_Red
Temple of Golden Haired Phoebos
Thank you, we will keep in touch.
The Bright Side
The Clouds Can't Win
The Conversation - Only 1 Remains
The Deep End
The Elaine Nicole
The Fifth Day
The Frog Prince
The Gathering Place
The Kid
The Little Red Tractor
The Music Man

Includes Playbill
The Nanny
The Neighborhood
The Path Less Traveled
The Piano Lesson - 3 Available
The Pier
The Promised Land
The Strength of an Aging Pine
Thorns of Rose
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Includes Playbill
Three Amigos (Anemones)
Through the Mist
Through the Mist
Tight Rope
Tiny Things
Titmouse Worldview
To Gain The Harbor
Touch of Blue
Traditional Mug
Trees in Idlewild
Trois Femmes
Turquoise Latte Mug
Turquoise Marsh
Turquoise Nuggets
Turquoise Seas
Turquoise Skies Bison Vase
Turquoise Tall Mug
Ultra Violette
Under the Sea 1
Under the Sea 2
Untitled 2
Untitled 2
Untitled I
Verre Glace
Victoria in Knife
View from the Bank
Ville des Lumieres
Walking in the Blue
Water Turn
Watering Lambs
Watermelon Man
Wee Brook
Wetlands I - 12x12
Wetlands II - 10x14
What D'Ya Think?
What Rain Brings
When You See Red
White Mystery
White Oak Sun
Willow Park
Wine Carafe
Winter Stream
Wise Owl - Medium - SOLD
Wise Owl - Sm - SOLD
Within the Walls - Ft Sumter
Woodland Creatures I
Woodland Creatures II
Yard Art
Yellow and White Vintage
Yellow Cloud
You Look Radishing
Zebrawood Sculpture

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