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'Medeia' - (from the Sappho Series)

Watercolor on archival paper, 30 x 22

White Mat 36 x 28, 1/2 in. gold metal frame

A fishing dory lies beached on the sand, with a huge yellow fishing net spread out before it. The boat is named “Medeia” (a single word left from Sappho), and recalls when Medeia, priestess/wife of the hero Jason of the Golden Fleece, when told by Jason that he had decided to marry Creusa, daughter of King Creon of Corinth , and abandon Medeia; she killed the two children she had had with Jason, and sent a beautiful golden net robe to Creusa as a wedding present. When Creusa put it on, she was consumed by a poisonous fire, Medeia’s vengeance on both persons who betrayed her. The golden net before the boat recalls this ancient image, and is a reflection and echo of it.

The nine paintings in this collection have hidden within them the following Quotes from Sappho.

These paintings represent the following theme: GREECE; ECHOES & FRAGMENTS OF SAPPHO and is subjectively many-layered; a group of very specific and detailed subjects, painted in Greece. They depict subjects of great age and character; woven into these is another layer; reflections of the lyrics of Sappho, poetess of pre-Classical Greece.

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