Picture Jasper Bracelets

Picture Jasper Bracelets

Item# LM_PJB
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Picture Jasper Bracelets - Two - 7.5 in. bracelets when purchasing item.

Each work is cleared and infused with loving Reiki energy before shipping.

Picture Jasper: Each piece of this stone tells a different story with its beautiful patterns and textures that look like rock outcroppings or mountains. (hence the name) Associated with the Root Chakra energy center, it provides a strong connection to the earth and nature. It is a nurturing stone, which helps us feel safe, loved and in balance. It is great for meditation, spiritual connection, and personal growth. Picture Jasper is mined in Brazil and South Africa.

Note: The properties of the crystals and gemstones are for your information, but are not meant to replace proper medical care. Use crystals only to complement the care and need of a professional.

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