Porcelain Ceramic Bowls

Porcelain Ceramic Bowls
Porcelain Ceramic Bowls – Living and creating in the Mountains of North Carolina, this artist has been working in clay for over 20 years. She enjoys the outdoors and incorporates its’ beauty into her small works.

The surface design is created by hand painting each one and then using embossed symbols. The bowls are slab built and formed.

Each one of a kind small bowl is inspired by nature.

Size approx. 4 inch round

Great Gift Idea!! Many uses: Jewelry, Coins, Keys, Paperclips, Dipping Bowls, Hostess, Friendship, Occasion, Thank You Gift or quite simply... a Gift For You!

All small bowls are cream/off white in color. Changes in images are due to studio lighting at time of shoot.

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