Sandy Siepert - Watercolor 1956-2013

Sandy Siepert - Watercolor 1956-2013
Sandy Siepert (1956 - 2013)

Charlotte Fine Art Gallery had the privilege of knowing Sandy Siepert prior to her passing and considered her a close friend and an artist not afraid of color. CFA would like to share her quote with our viewers.

“My goal when I paint is to create a work others will enjoy. I work in a representational style, giving only an impression of some things and details on others. I love the fluid look of water media, and the accidents that can occur.

My work includes floral, landscapes and seascapes. I have a favorite old building that changes color and location to appear in several of my paintings. Using color freely, mood and design dictate the color a subject might be. Different paper surfaces create interest and give variety to my work.

I hope you have as much fun viewing my paintings as I had creating them.”

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