Temple of Golden Haired Phoebos

Temple of Golden Haired Phoebos

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'Temple of Golden-Haired Phoebos' - (from the Sappho Series)

Watercolor on archival paper, 22 x 30

White Mat 28 x 36, 1/2 in. gold metal frame

This ancient temple, alone in an empty valley, its columns dark with the shadows of mid-morning, picks up the golden light of the sun. Golden Haired Far shooter Phoebos Apollo, is recalled for a short moment to his temple, as the sunlight passes through. Pronaos of the Temple of Bassae, E. of Olympia.

The nine paintings in this collection have hidden within them the following Quotes from Sappho.

These paintings represent the following theme: GREECE; ECHOES & FRAGMENTS OF SAPPHO and is subjectively many-layered; a group of very specific and detailed subjects, painted in Greece. They depict subjects of great age and character; woven into these is another layer; reflections of the lyrics of Sappho, poetess of pre-Classical Greece.

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