Turquoise Nuggets

Turquoise Nuggets

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Turquoise Nuggets and Gray Leather Necklace - 24 in. length.

Turquoise (reconstituted) with gray leather chain. Artist designed and crafted. Information on the stone's properties is included with purchase. Each work is cleared and infused with loving Reiki energy before shipping.

Turquoise: Often referred to as the calming stone, with its color resembling blue water, Turquoise is known to balance and align all the Chakras (energy centers), stabilizing the emotions and providing a sense of inner peace and calm. It is most commonly found in Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, and Tibet. Associated with the Throat Chakra, it is used by speakers and performers for clarity of thought, effective communication, and confidence.

Note: The properties of the crystals and gemstones are for your information, but are not meant to replace proper medical care. Use crystals only to complement the care and need of a professional.

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